Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.
Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.

















Software Downloads

Evaluate our software - FREE! The following links enable you to download fully-functioning copies of our software products.


You must register your software by visiting www.faximum.com/register or complete and email/fax us the registration form found at the end of the README file included in the software package in order to obtain a time-limited activation key.



Faximum provides a number of free and for-fee support options to assist you with the installation and operation of our products. Please see the Technical Support pages for more information.

Faximum Messaging Server (FMS)

Faximum ELS & PLUS Products

Faximum Mfax Toolkit

Faximum Client/Server Products

If you are interested in any of our other products, please contact us to obtain information on how these other products may be evaluated.

Faximum CD Image

Resellers and others who wish to burn their own installation CD-ROM containing all of the products above may download the current (2001-09-19) ISO 9660 CD image by clicking on the link below. Be warned that this image is 121Mb in size.


MD5 Checksum


Archived Products

For the convenience of customer who need to access earlier versions of our software products.

Buying the Software

Once you have evaluated the software and have decided to purchase (as we are sure you will) you need only contact our sales office (+1 604 925 3600, or fax 1 604 926 8182) to purchase a permanent key. Your evaluation copy will be turned into a full product without having to re-install. Faximum Software accepts MasterCard and VISA (unfortunately AmEx's terms are too onerous to permit us to continue accepting American Express). For your protection, we do not recommend sending credit card information over the Internet (i.e. by email).



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