Fax enable your applications and deliver your forms by fax!
Fax enable your applications and deliver your forms by fax!

















Faximum Client/Server
Release 2.3
for HP-UX 11

Note that the software referenced by this page is intended for HP-UX 11 systems only and will not run on HP-UX 10.x. Please contact Faximum Technical Support if you need to support HP-UX 9.x or HP-UX 10.x.

Please also note that while faxes can be submitted to the Faximum Client/Server product from a character-based terminal (using the Line Printer Intercept or the command line interface), at least one X terminal (or console running X or PC running X) is currently required to administer the product.

You may ftp a copy of the Faximum Client/Server software for HP-UX 11 from ftp.faximum.com ( directly by running FTP yourself (cd into /pub/hpux11), or you can select the appropriate link below.


If you would prefer to review the README file before downloading the software, please see README file for Faximum Client/Server for HP-UX 11.

The Software Package

Faximum Client/Server (Version 2.3) for Hewlett-Packard HP-UX 11

The Checksums

sum cs-2.3-3-hpux11.tar 21511 21780
sum -r cs-2.3-3-hpux11.tar 24321 21780

The Fix

All fixes have been incorporated into this build.

Purchasing the Software

Once you have evaluated the software and have decided to purchase (as we are sure you will) you need only contact our sales office (+1 604 925 3600, or fax 1 604 926 8182) to purchase a permanent key. Your evaluation copy will be turned into a full product without having to re-install. Faximum Software accept MasterCard and VISA (unfortunately AmEx's terms are too onerous to permit us to continue accepting American Express). For your protection, we do not recommend sending credit card information over the Internet (i.e. by e-mail).



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