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Faximum ELS/PLUS 4
for SCO UnixWare 7


You must either visit OR complete and email/fax us the registration form found at the end of the README file included in the software package in order to obtain a time-limited activation key. THE SOFTWARE WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY WITHOUT THIS KEY.


The Faximum ELS & PLUS v4 package for SCO UnixWare 7 is in Early Availability Product that is still undergoing internal and external testing. During this period Faximum Engineering will provide priority free support for customers evaluating this product.

The only major problem found so far is that a defect in the SCO compatibility library causes the wtmp/utmp files to be corrupted if faxgetty (the daemon responsible for receiving faxes) is run. The result is that users may not be able to login to the system. For this reason the README makes it clear that this build of the product MUST NOT BE USED TO RECEIVE FAXES until a fix becomes available.

On a related note Faximum ELS & PLUS 4 for SCO OpenServer 5 has been released in production.


This file provides up-to-date information on how to install the software. It also includes notes on fixes for and problems with this package. (The version below is more current than the one that is included with the software package so please use it instead.)


FTP as a Single 12Mb File

Faximum ELS/PLUS 4 for SCO UnixWare 7

Once you have obtained the file, you can verify that you have received it correctly by running sum -r on it which ought to return

% sum elsplus-4.0-2-sco.tar
22665 24784 /tmp/elsplus-4.0-2-sco.tar

% sum -r elsplus-4.0-2-sco.tar
04149 24784 /tmp/elsplus-4.0-2-sco.tar

Fixes for the 4.0-2 Package

There is a fix available for this release that is strongly recommended. You can download the fix using the link below. Information on how to install the fix is included in the README file referenced above.



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