Faximum Software is the leading-edge developer of fax software for networks using UNIX or Linux servers. No other developer has earned the reviews or the OEM design wins for UNIX fax software that Faximum has. No one.

Whether you need a simple-to-use office productivity tool for a network of half-a-dozen users on Windows or Macs to save time and money faxing, or you need a powerful high-end fax server that can handle 80 fax modems or more sending millions of faxes under the control of your application, Faximum has the software for you.

Our server software runs on a range of UNIX and Linux platforms and supports a range of fax boards and modems.

Our software supports users and applications running on UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS X.

Free 30-day trial copies of most of our software products are available for evaluation purposes. See the Products link for more information.

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Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.
Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.