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Frequently Asked Questions About Fax

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A. - Introduction to the FAQ on Fax

G. - Glossary and Background Information on Fax

Q. - Frequently Asked Questions about Fax

Q.1) Can I use my * data modem to send/receive faxes?
Q.1A) Can my fax modem transmit data?
Q.2) How can I fax PostScript or PCL documents using computer-based fax?
Q.3) How can I view incoming faxes on my computer?
Q.4) How can I print incoming faxes on my computer?
Q.5) Can fax modems also handle data or voice calls?
Q.6) What resolution are fax images?
Q.7) Can I take a fax file and edit it?
Q.8) Is there a standard program interface (API) for fax communications?
Q.9) How can I share my single phone line with voice, fax, data, etc.
Q.10) How can I send a fax over the Internet?
Q.11) What legal restrictions are there on the use of facsimile devices?
Q.12) How Can Received Faxes be Routed to the Intended Recipient?

I. - Sources of Information on Fax

I.1) Standards Related to Facsimile Communication
I.2) Where to Obtain Standards Documents and Related Information
I.3) Magazine Reviews of UNIX Fax Software
I.4) Magazine Reviews of DOS/Windows Fax Software
I.5) Magazine Reviews of Mac Fax Software
I.6) Magazine Reviews of Fax Modems (see also O/S specific reviews)
I.7) Magazine Reviews of Fax Machines
I.8) Publications Devoted to Fax and Telecommunications
I.9) Books on Fax
I.10) Other Sources of Information on Fax
I.11) Conferences on Fax
I.12) Associations Related to Fax Technology
I.13) Fax-on-Demand Phone Numbers
I.14) Related FAQs
I.15) Fax-Related URLs

P. - Fax Product Information

P.1) List of UNIX Fax Software
P.2) List of MS-DOS Fax Software
P.3) List of MacIntosh Fax Software
P.4) List of Windows Fax Software
P.5) List of OS/2 Fax Software
P.6) List of Fax Modem Vendors
P.7) List of Fax Board Vendors
P.8) List of Vendors of Secure Fax Equipment
P.9) List of Libraries and Related Information for Writing Fax Servers
P.10) List of Vendors of Fax Protocol Test Equipment
P.11) List of Vendors of UNIX-Based Fax-On-Demand Software/Systems
P.12) List of Vendors of Fax-On-Demand Software/Systems
P.13) List of Vendors of Products Delivered by Fax

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Facsimile Subsection

The Faxsimile Subsection of the WWW Virtual Library (http://www.faximum.com/w3vlib/fax) contains a comprehensive list of fax-related web sites and other Internet resources. While many of the links described in the fax W3VLIB are in the fax FAQ in the appropriate section, the fax W3VLIB is the definitive source for Internet resources related to fax and will contain some information that is not in the FAQ.


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This FAQ was created and is maintained by George Pajari (Faximum Software Inc.) with the assistance of many contributors.

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