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Introduction to the FAQ on Fax

The comp.dcom.fax FAQ is brought to you by Faximum Software Inc.

This article contains the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) often seen in the USENET newsgroup comp.dcom.fax relating to facsimile standards, software, and hardware. It will be posted approximately monthly. Note that the World Wide Web (HTML) version contains additional information that is not part of the monthly posting. Also the WWW version is "master" copy and is updated regularly. The posted version may lag by several months. The WWW version may be reached at

If you would like to make any submissions or corrections to the FAQ, please contact Your input is greatly appreciated. Suggested questions need not be accompanied by suggested answers. Areas that are in particular need of contributions are marked "[Need more information]". Flames and other comments (constructive or otherwise) are also welcomed.

Note that this FAQ is primarily concerned with fax standards in general and computer-based fax in particular. It contains little information on commercial fax machines and related paraphenalia. If someone else would like to start and maintain such a section (or separate FAQ) they are more than welcome to do so. Otherwise, please send contributions to this FAQ.

How to Get a Current Copy of This FAQ

This FAQ is crossposted to news.answers. As a consequence, this text will also be automatically archived on many FAQ servers all over the world (e.g., anonymous ftp to in directory /pub/usenet/news.answers). You'll also find there many other answers to frequently asked questions. This faq is stored in the directory fax-faq.

Most FAQs (including the posted flat-text version of this FAQ) are available through Thomas Fine's WWW FAQ archive:

This FAQ is also available on the WWW at . The WWW version is always the most current version. The text version can lag by up to a month from the html version.

The current text version is available by FTP: . You can also have the current text version of this FAQ mailed to you. Send any message (content not important) to

g. * George Pajari * Faximum Software * Tel: +1 (604) 925-3600 * Fax: ... 926-8182 1497 Marine Drive, Suite 300 * West Vancouver, BC * Canada V7T 1A6

Std. Disclaimers:

The content of this article is the sole responsibility of the author(s) and contributors, and does not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of their employers or other companies mentioned.

The information provided herein is believed to be correct but the author and contributors cannot accept any liability for errors and omissions. Readers are cautioned to verify any information before making decisions or taking action based upon this information.

While every reasonable effort has been taken to maintain an objective and unbiased approach in the collection and presentation of this information, readers are advised that the author and possibly some of the contributors work for or have an interest in commercial organisations involved in the fax and/or computer industry.


This FAQ is copyright 1995 Faximum Software Inc., All Rights Reserved. Limited permission is available to copy this FAQ.

This FAQ was created and is maintained by George Pajari (Faximum Software Inc.) with the assistance of many contributors.

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