Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.
Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.

















Faximum Strategic Partners

Faximum Software has strategic alliances and other relationships with a number of companies in the computer industry. This page provides some information on these partnerships as well as links to our partner's WWW Home Pages (when available).

Complementary Products

Faximum Software uses and recommends the SupportWizard product for managing problem reports and email and fax communications in a customer service environment. Please see Faximum Software and SupportWizard for more information on the synergies available from using our products together.

SDFax MacOS Fax Client
Faximum Software recommends the SecureDesign Fax Client for MacOS for customers who wish to use the Faximum Messaging Server with networks containing Apple Mac systems.

OEM Partners

Hewlett-Packard Company

Hewlett-Packard and Faximum Software have a cross-licensing and technology exchange agreement. Hewlett-Packard and Faximum co-developed the fax component of HP's MPower product (which includes technology licensed from Faximum). Faximum's Client/Server fax software includes technology provided by Hewlett-Packard under this technology exchange agreement.
Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems' SunFax product for the new Sun Voyager portable SPARCstation is licensed from Faximum Software Inc.

Modem Partners

Multi-Tech Systems Multi-Tech
Faximum Software recommends MultiTech fax modems for use with its software. In Faximum's experience MultiTech modems are among the best Class 2 fax modems available. MultiTech's technical support is also significantly better than most.

UNIX Platform Partners

Faximum supports the following operating systems:



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