Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.
Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.

















Faximum ELS 4 for SCO

Product Specifications:

CPU Architecture

  • IA-32 (Intel processor) systems

Operating System(s)

  • Caldera (SCO) OpenServer 5
  • Caldera (SCO) UnixWare 7

Testing on Caldera OpenUnix 8 is in progress. Contact Faximum Software for current status.


  • full-screen character-based interface with context sensitive on-line help
  • line printer intercept

FAX Viewing

  • console
  • X Windows viewer

Faximum stores fax files in the industry-standard TIFF-F format which is compatible with most image viewers such as Imaging for Windows, Sun's Imagetool, and the Apple Mac OS X Image Preview

FAX Compatibility

  • full Group III send and receive
  • 14,400 baud send & receive (modem permitting)

Modem Support

  • works with most Class 2 external fax modems (such as MultiTech)

For detailed information on recommended fax modems, please see http://www.faximum.com/modems/

Dialling Directory

  • single private dialling directory for each user
  • unlimited size

Printer Support (for printing faxes)

  • HP LaserJet (all versions and compatibles)
  • PostScript


  • broadcasts are limited to 50 destinations

Image Format

  • received faxes stored in TIFF-F
  • image file conversion and manipulation tools included

Supported File Formats (for attachments)

  • Western European characters
  • (ISO-8859/1)
  • HP PCL-5E (Laser Jet 4 emulation, including HP-GL2)
  • PostScript (as part of Technical Support Contract)
  • TIFF-F

Cover Sheets

  • multiple cover sheets per server
  • user-definable cover sheets
  • selectable fonts and drawing commands for coversheet creation
  • user-definable top-of-page banners

Fax Transmission

  • outgoing faxes previewed on the screen and/or printed prior to being sent)
  • e-mail notification of status of transmitted faxes


  • manual delayed transmission based on user requested time

FAX Reception and Distribution

  • received faxes automatically printed and saved

Line Printer Intercept

  • printed output from applications can be captured and broadcast by fax without intervention or programming
  • pages intended for different locations properly will be separated from print stream and faxed to appropriate destination

Word Processor Integration

  • faxing direct from within WordPerfect 5.x or Microsoft Word using a fax macro (supplied)
  • fax broadcast using any word processor's mail merge facility (and Faximum's line printer intercept)

User Licensing

  • unlimited number of users

NOTE - Forms overlays, a feature available with Faximum ELS 2.21, is now only available with Faximum PLUS 4. Customers upgrading from previous versions of ELS must verify if they need this feature and if so will need to upgrade to Faximum PLUS 4.



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