Image messaging software for UNIX and Linux.
Image messaging software for UNIX and Linux.



















Faximum Client/Server for

Product Specifications

CPU Architecture

  • SPARC-based systems

Operating System(s)

  • SOLARIS 2.x, 7, 8
  • Nihongo Solaris (by special arrangement)


  • X/Motif graphical user interface with context sensitive on-line help
  • command-line interface

FAX Viewing

  • X Windows viewer

FAX Compatibility

  • full Group III send and receive
  • 14,400 baud send & receive (modem permitting)

Modem Support

  • works with most Class 2 and Class 2.0 external fax modems (such as MultiTech)

Dialling Directory

  • one per user
  • unlimited size
  • unlimited number of groups of unlimited size

Printer Support (for printing faxes)

  • HP LaserJet (all versions and compatibles)
  • PostScript


  • limited only by disk space

Image Format

  • received faxes stored in TIFF-F
  • image file conversion and manipulation tools included

Supported File Formats (for attachments)

  • Western European characters (ISO-8859/1)
  • Japanese EUC (on systems with Japanese fonts -- by special arrangement)
  • PostScript
  • Sun raster files (B&W and colour)
  • TIFF-F
  • PCL-5e (LaserJet 4 emulation -- by special arrangement)

Cover Sheets

  • multiple cover sheets per server
  • user-definable cover sheets
  • selectable fonts and drawing commands for coversheet creation
  • user-definable top-of-page banners

Fax Transmission

  • outgoing faxes previewed on the screen and/or printed prior to being sent)
  • e-mail notification of status of transmitted faxes


  • automatic delayed transmission based on requested priority and phone rates
  • manual delayed transmission based on user requested time
  • automatic load balancing among modems of the appropriate type and category

Toll Restrictions

  • specific users may be denied access to long distance or priority transmissions (access
    may be restricted to certain numbers, calling areas, or times of day)

Intelligent Dialling/Least-Cost Routing

  • PBX and long distance code and account dialled automatically
  • selection of WATS, TIE, FX, or other special phone trunks done
    automatically for least-cost and/or fastest transmission
  • promotion of urgent faxes to alternate routes when least-cost route is busy

Multi-Line Support

  • unlimited number and combination of line types (i.e. DDD, WATS, etc.) hardware permitting (licensing fees apply for each additional line)
  • ability to designate certain lines as receive-only
  • ability to specify the minimum number of lines to remain idle (for incoming calls) to prevent
    saturation of all lines with outgoing faxes

FAX Reception and Distribution

  • received faxes automatically printed, copies, forwarded (by fax), or sent to a user based
    on originating FAX machine ID
  • arbitrary shell program invoked upon reception of any fax

Line Printer Intercept

  • printed output from applications can be captured and broadcast by fax without intervention
    or programming
  • pages intended for different locations properly will be separated from print stream and faxed
    to appropriate destination

Form Overlays

  • ability to overlay any business form (letterhead, invoice, purchase order, etc.) on any faxed document


  • unlimited number of accounts with optional restriction by user
  • automatic insertion of digits in the dialled number based on account used (for PABX call-detail
    recording or third-party telephone accounting)
  • detailed accounting record by user and project account for each transmitted fax

User Licensing

  • Two floating user licences included with server, additional licences available singly or in five packs

Client/Server Interoperability

  • Faximum Clients and Servers will interoperate with Faximum Clients and
    Servers running on different operating systems and architectures



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