Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.
Faximum's recommended Class 2 fax modem supplier.
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Fax Messaging Software (FMS)

Send & Receive Faxes Using Your Email Client

The Faximum Messaging Server is the natural evolution of computer fax software. Rather than needing users to pay for, install, maintain, and learn how to use fax client software, the Faximum Messaging Server enables your users to send faxes merely by using a fax phone number as the email address. Incoming faxes are simply sent by email to the intended recipient and appear in the user's email inbox as with other email and fax messages. FMS seamlessly integrates fax and email and does away with the cost and complexity of old-fashioned fax client software without any sacrifice in functionality.

FMS works with any SMTP email server such Netscape Messaging Server or Microsoft Exchange. FMS can be integrated directly with Postfix, qmail, or sendmail.

Faxing as Easy as Email

Think of what your users have to do to send or receive faxes today. Think how much more efficient it would be if sending and receiving faxes was as fast and easy as sending email. Think how much easier your life would be without having to install or maintain any fax client software. With the Faximum Messaging Server, it will be. Simply put, the Faximum Messaging Server renders traditional client/server fax software obsolete.

Free Evaluations & Lower Cost of Ownership

Take it for a spin and understand the future of fax. Free evaluation copies available from your reseller or from our website. Faximum Messaging Server is available with a ten-user licence starting at only $495. Compare this with the competition's old-fashioned client/server approach which costs $1,400 for only five users, or with fax services which charge $12.50 per user per month forever. And by using your existing email infrastructure your total cost of ownership (TCO) is drastically lower. So contact us today!

You owe it to your users.

You owe it to yourself.



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