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Faximum Announces New Fax Software for Linux and Windows

FMS 2 seamlessly integrates fax with email to deliver improved security and higher user efficiency.

West Vancouver, BC -- June 24 -- Faximum Software Inc., a leading developer of fax server software, announces a major new release of its Fax Messaging Server (FMS) product. FMS 2 runs on Linux, integrates with an organisation’s existing email server, and enables Windows, Mac, and Linux users to send and receive faxes as easily as (and using the same tools as) email.

FMS 2:

  • enables users to send email to fax numbers (e.g.
  • allows users to combine email addresses and fax numbers in the same message or email group
  • enables users to receive their faxes in the same inbox as their email
  • eliminates the need to route, distribute, and file paper faxes manually
  • makes it easy to pick up your faxes while at home or on the road travelling
  • keeps confidential faxes actually confidential by eliminating the manual handling of faxes
  • provides print drivers for Windows enabling "What You Print is What You Fax"
  • can bypass the long-distance phone system when installed at branch offices reducing or eliminating toll charges for long distance faxing
  • has web-based administration making it easy to configure and manage without having to use cryptic shell commands or to edit configuration files

"We are proud of the tight integration and ease of use that our engineers have worked hard to deliver in this new Faximum Fax Messaging Server release," says Carolanne Reynolds, Vice President of Faximum Software Inc. "On the one hand we have delivered Windows print drivers and Microsoft Outlook integration needed by most users, while on the other hand exploiting the advantages and strengths of the Linux platform. The combination delivers unbeatable efficiencies, ease of use, and cost savings."

Indeed, one can spend less on a Linux distribution and a low-end server capable of handling hundreds of fax users than on a single Windows server licence alone. The result is a system that can deliver fax services to a network of Windows users at a lower TCO than most competitive Windows products.

In addition to running on most Linux distributions, FMS 2 has been specifically designed to install and work with the Caldera Volution Messaging Server and the SuSE eMail Server III. These two email server products build upon the reliability of their Linux distributions to provide small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with easy-to-deploy messaging servers. FMS 2 will also work with most SMTP email servers such as Microsoft Exchange. Ports to other UNIX platforms such as IBM AIX, HP-UX, SCO (Caldera) Open Server, and Sun Solaris are already underway.

"Caldera applauds Faximum Software's announcement of FMS 2," said Biff Traber, Vice President, Engineering and Product Management, Caldera "Adding fax capabilities to OpenLinux and the Volution Messaging Server expands the functionality of our products and their usefulness to our customers."

Customers are invited to pull down a copy of the new FMS 2 software for evaluation from or to try out the software running on one of Faximum's servers at An FMS 2 try-and-buy package also ships with every boxed copy of Caldera OpenLinux and Open UNIX as part of Caldera’s Solutions Showcase program.

FMS 2 software licences start at US$495 for ten users. Additional users start at $14/ea (in 25-user paks) and decline to $2/ea in quantity. The software is available immediately.

Faximum Software is a privately held software developer established in 1990 and based in West Vancouver, BC. Faximum's technology and products have been licensed and private-labelled by such OEMs as Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems. Faximum is a registered trademark. Other trademarks are acknowledged.

Caldera International (Nasdaq: CALD) provides "Powerful Choices" for businesses through its UNIX, Linux and Volution product lines and services. Caldera, based in Lindon, UT, has representation in 82 countries and 16,000+ resellers worldwide. Caldera Global Services provides reliable localized support and services to partners and customers. For more information on Caldera products and services, visit

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