Fax enable your applications and deliver your forms by fax!
Fax enable your applications and deliver your forms by fax!

Faximum Client/Server

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Faximum Client Server

The Faximum Client/Server software is designed for a distributed network in which one system is configured to operate as non-dedicated fax server and any number of client systems generate fax requests for the server to handle.

Features Benefits
  • scalable
  • can expand to handle over a hundred fax lines and thousands of faxes per hours
  • automatic routing of received faxes using DID
  • significantly reduces time spent handling incoming faxes
  • least cost routing
  • automatic delayed transmission
  • intelligent dialling
  • long distance phone charges are minimised
  • X/Motif client for UNIX
  • GUI client for Windows
  • easy to learn and use
  • command-line interface
  • Line Printer Intercept
  • easy to integrate with applications on UNIX or Windows
  • background operation
  • server need not be dedicated to fax communications
  • cross platform support
  • clients may be on different operating system than server
  • applications may be on different system than server

Select this product if...

  • you need to support users on workstations using a native fax client
  • you need advanced scheduling capabilities
  • you need support for multiple cover sheets
  • you need project accounting

Consider the Faximum PLUS product instead if...

  • you do not need to support users on networked workstations

Consider the Faximum Messaging Server instead if...

  • you need to support users on workstations and can take advantage of an existing email infrastructure
  • you do not need advanced scheduling or multiple cover sheet capabilities

Consider the Faximum Messaging Gateway instead if...

  • you have an existing fax server you wish to extend to support email/fax and fax/email gateways
  • you need the capabilities of the Faximum Messaging Server with the advanced scheduling and multiple coversheet capabilities of the Faximum Client/Server or PLUS products







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