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Microsoft Windows

Faximum has a number of solutions for users of Microsoft Windows products who need to send or receive faxes from their desktop or applications running on Windows.

Note that while Faximum supports MS Windows as a client, our server components run on UNIX or Linux and so in order to employ our solutions your Windows machines need to be networked to a UNIX or Linux server.

If you do not currently have a UNIX or Linux server you may wish to consider installing a Cobalt Qube. This Linux-based server costs less than $1,000 and provides the reliability needed to host network services such as the Faximum Messaging Server.

We do not currently support Windows for our server because our experience and that of our customers indicates that this platform is not yet reliable or robust enough for mission-critical messaging services such as fax.

Faximum supports several possible approaches to faxing from MS Windows.

  • SAMBA printer
  • Windows Client
  • Faximum Messaging Server

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to enable us to propose a solution that will meet your needs.



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