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Faximum Becomes First Fax Software Company on the Web

Dallas, TX - March 14, 1995 - Faximum Software Inc., of West Vancouver, B.C., announces it is the first fax software company to jump into the World Wide Web with the establishment of its own Web site.

President George Pajari says the Web is clearly the method of choice for communicating product information and software to people with access to the Internet.

The move is a real marketing coup for Faximum, which has made available not only all of its product literature but also even its whole product through the Internet and the Web.

Faximum Vice-President and co-owner Carolanne Reynolds says, "Anyone searching specifically for fax software can easily find us, read our literature, print it, or have it faxed to them using our fax `mailbot'."

Reynolds points out that no staff are involved in the process. "It makes us both more efficient and more accessible to clients around the world."

Faximum's software can also be pulled down by file transfer protocol on the Internet, and "test driven" free for a 30-day trial period.

"When a client decides to buy, Faximum just e-mails, or faxes, an activation key, which turns it into a permanent copy," Reynolds explains.

Besides providing product information, Faximum's web server also contains background information on facsimile technology including the Facsimile Sub-Section of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library.

Faximum is also giving free space on its Web site to several local non-profit arts and cultural organisations. This gives them the opportunity to raise their profile in an innovative and effective way. "We hope other Web sites follow our lead," Reynolds says. "We would like to see every commercial web site `adopt' a charity or cultural organisation to help them increase their visibility and success."

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