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Vancouver More Techno-Savvy Than Toronto

West Vancouver, BC - March 9, 1995 - Vancouverites appear to be more advanced and eager than Torontonians to establish a significant presence on the information superhighway.

Although it has only one-half the population of the Ontario capital, which is Canada's largest city, Vancouver has 38 sites on the World Wide Web, compared with just 28 for Toronto. The difference represents a lead for Vancouver of 36 per cent and even more on a per capita basis.

The Web, a simple and effective way to retrieve text, colour graphics, and sound, is the newest information service available on the Internet. It has been credited with sparking the recent explosive growth of the 'net.

A "Web site" is an information service, usually containing both commercial and non-commercial information. It is accessible to anyone with a computer and a modem.

Faximum Software of West Vancouver, BC recently became Vancouver's 38th Web site. The software developer also has the distinction of being the first and only site on Vancouver's North Shore.

Faximum President George Pajari speculates that Vancouver's lead in the Web site sweepstakes is owing to the number of small high-tech companies located here. "To survive in today's competitive business climate, a small company like ours has to be creative and aggressive," Pajari explains. "Toronto is full of large businesses which don't see the need to adopt new technologies as quickly as the little guys."

Faximum's Web site can be visited at

All statistics have been taken from the Second Edition of the Canadian WWW Central Index as of February 24th.



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