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Another Rave Review of Faximum PLUS Release 2

The praise for Faximum PLUS Release 2 continues!

Last year Faximum PLUS was reviewed by UNIXWORLD magazine and chosen as the best Fax for UNIX package of those reviewed. Earlier this year Guru Magazine called Faximum "most complete and comprehensive" and stated "This great product is well worth the investment."

Now UNIX Review has joined the chorus and says "Faximum is the system of choice":

"The cover sheet capabilities are the best we have seen for any UNIX Fax package. Faximum's emulators provide full fax support for PostScript, PCL-4 (LaserJet Series II), and PCL-5 (LaserJet Series III) languages. With these options installed, few applications can't use Faximum directly. Each emulator comes with a good selection of fonts and can handle soft fonts too.

Faxing multiple files at once is easy with Faximum's Quick Fax system.

Faximum has a few features we really liked. A partial retransmission will send any pages that were not successfully sent. This feature can save time when handling long documents. A special cover sheet is sent with retries.

The Faximum emulators handle graphics output from packages like CorelDraw! with ease. During our tests, FrameMaker and Word newsletter formats, which included graphics, were handled transparently. We could send practically anything through the Faximum system...

Faximum is the only package tested that provided PCL-5 emulation and could handle some of our CorelDraw! output. The software is easy to work with, and even easier to manage. We were very impressed with Faximum....for non-X systems running recent applications that support the LaserJet Series III, Faximum is the system of choice.

All tested programs had good documentation, especially Faximum...which [was] excellent.

Faximum offers the best emulation capabilities, and it will handle everything you can throw at it...we like Faximum for straight UNIX.

Choosing one winner? For straight UNIX, we take Faximum over both DigiFAX and ArnetFAX..."
Quotations from Just the Fax, Ma'am by Tim Parker, in UNIX Review, V10N11, November 1992, pp.63-76.



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