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Faximum Software Announces SWIIFT: "Suite of Web and Internet/Intranet Fax Tools"

West Vancouver, BC - June 20, 1996 - Faximum Software Inc. today announced early availability of SWIIFT "Suite of Web and Internet/Intranet Fax Tools", a software suite that can fax-enable most UNIX-based web or email servers on the Internet.

SWIIFT, when added to a web or email server, allows users of that service to send and receive faxes simply by using their existing web browser or email utility. This avoids the cost and complexity of installing and learning to use special fax software on the users' machines.

"SWIIFT makes it easy for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to differentiate their offerings by providing fax value-added services." said Carolanne Reynolds, Vice President. "This not only will increase their competitive edge but their revenue opportunities as well."

George Pajari, President and Director of Engineering said, "With SWIIFT, users of company Intranets can now send and receive faxes as easily as clicking on a web page and filling out a form. Furthermore, SWIIFT is not limited just to messages the user can type in from his browser. By using HTML extensions supported by Netscape and others, SWIIFT allows the user to select any compatible file on his machine to be attached to his fax."

All of the major features of more traditional fax software are supported by SWIIFT including personal telephone books, default parameters stored on a per-user basis (including signatures), broadcast lists, and arbitrary file attachments.

In addition to enabling users to send and receive faxes using their existing Internet tools, SWIIFT can be used to provide additional web-related services. For example, using the "web fax-on-demand" feature of SWIIFT, web content creators can make it easy for visitors to request documents be faxed to them (rather than spending the time to download and print them individually).

Furthermore, ISPs can use SWIIFT to tap exciting new web business opportunities such as pizza order forms that send the orders by fax to the pizzeria.

Examples of the pizza order form as well as the other components of SWIIFT can be found on the Web at

The major components of the suite are:

  1. A Web/Fax Gateway
    • for sending faxes using only your existing web browser
  2. A Fax/Web Gateway
    • for viewing and managing your received faxes using a web browser (also enables ISPs to offer customers such additional services as never-busy fax numbers)
  3. An Email/Fax Notification Tool
    • for receiving notification by fax of new incoming email (for people who do not receive enough email to justify dialling up their mail server a couple of times a day)
  4. An Email/Fax Gateway
    • for faxing using an existing email program (by sending email to the fax server for delivery by fax; for example, send email to: "John Doe/ACME Company/1 604 926 8182 ")
  5. A Fax/Email Gateway
    • for delivery of incoming faxes by email thus enabling users to manage, view, and print faxes using the same inbox and email program as currently used for email
  6. 6. Viewers
    • for upgrading web browsers and email programs to handle fax images (and to support the printing of faxes)

SWIIFT adheres to all applicable Internet standards and recommendations including RFCs 822, 1314, 1521, 1522, and 1806.

SWIIFT is currently available in beta for Sun Solaris systems and the final version is expected to ship within 90 days. Ports to other UNIX systems including HP-UX, Linux, SunOS, SCO OpenServer, and others are underway.

The SWIIFT software, along with a single-line fax server, will carry a suggested list price of $2,499.

Customers who already have a copy of the Faximum Client/Server software may add the SWIIFT software for a special price of $999.

SWIIFT is compatible with most web servers that support standard CGI scripts including web servers by Netscape, NCSA, and others. SWIIFT is compatible with the native email systems of the supported UNIX hosts. SWIIFT uses the security mechanism of the web server, email server, and network it runs under. This can be as relaxed or as restricted as the systems administrator wishes (and the server software and network support).

Faximum Software is the leader in UNIX fax technology. Faximum Software, started in 1990, has been the reviewer's choice of several major UNIX publications and has been selected by both Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems to provide fax technology under OEM licence.

Faximum Software Inc. is located at 1497 Marine Drive, Suite 300, West Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7T 1A6.

Phone: (604) 925-3600, Fax: (604) 926-8182, Email:


Faximum Software's products are available direct from Faximum or through distributors in over a dozen countries.



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