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Great Review of Faximum PLUS in SCO WORLD Magazine

Excerpts from the Review

"Feature-rich Faximum PLUS is both a text-based and menu-based fax server and client product. It is ideal for SCO Xenix as well as SCO Unix systems. With Faximum PLUS, you gain all the benefits of fax client/server software for your SCO box, plus word processing integration, automated fax distribution, and line printer intercept.

"Installation of Faximum Plus is easy with a simple execution of the xinstall command. Several disks and configuration questions later, you are ready to go. Faximum Plus supports both fax and data dial-in capabilities on the same phone line. As a result, you do not need to have a second phone line installed for fax-only receipt...

"Faximum's main menu is easily understandable, with major features grouped together. Sending a fax is easy, too. Simply select a menu option, provide some answers to basic questions, and press the ENTER key... Receiving faxes is equally as simple....

"Faximum Plus's performance was flawless on all our test systems. We faxed a combination of PostScript, TIFF, and text files to our other test systems and standalone fax machines. All faxes completed with no unexpected errors. The software received incoming faxes fine, although Faximum does not have the capability to convert incoming faxes to text files."

Reviewer's Summary

"Excellent character-based interface. Flawless performance in testing. Feature-rich and robust."

Quotations from ROUNDUP: SCO Fax Server Software by Michael Deignan, in SCO World, September 1995, pp. 47-52.



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