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Faximum Software Wins Kudos From Consultant

West Vancouver, BC - March 14, 1995 - Faximum Software Inc. of West Vancouver, BC has been hailed by the Branham Consulting Group as a "comer".

The consultant says Faximum exemplifies Canada's "dynamic capabilities which transcend regional and provincial boundaries".

Branham cites the software developer in a special supplement to the March 1995 issue of the Financial Post Magazine (page B18).

Faximum is the only BC-based software developer to make Branham's list of up-and-coming Canadian high tech businesses.

The article notes that Faximum "has garnered considerable international recognition for its fax software... Selected by Sun Microsystems to provide the fax software that will ship with Sun's new PCMCIA modem, trade journals have been consistently rating Faximum's product at the top of the pack."

Faximum President George Pajari says he is delighted at the consultant's praise. "We are pleased that our small company, competing against larger international companies, has been recognised."

Pajari believes Faximum's success in the marketplace is the result of its commitment to product excellence and innovative technology and marketing.

"We are not satisfied with any products that are less than market leaders," he explains. Carolanne Reynolds, Vice President, points out, "Hewlett-Packard also chose to license our fax software." Faximum is the first - and only - fax software company on the World Wide Web.

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