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Rave Review of Faximum PLUS Release 2

Faximum PLUS does it again!

Last year Faximum PLUS was reviewed by UNIXWORLD magazine and chosen as the best Fax for UNIX package of those reviewed. This year Faximum Software started shipping Release 2 and the first review of this new release has just been published...AND FAXIMUM HAS DONE IT AGAIN!

Just read what Guru magazine had to say about Faximum in its May 25th edition:

"...I am using...Faximum PLUS, from Faximum Software Inc., and I am here to tell you, this type of software can change your life. Before Faximum, I would produce documents or proposals from within, say, WordPerfect and print the finished product on the laser printer. After that, depending on the designation and the impression I wanted to make, I would hand write or type a FAX Cover Sheet and stroll to the FAX machine nursing each page through, one by one.

With Faximum, I still can use WordPerfect to prepare my document, but now I simply run a fax macro and the document is fed directly to Faximum PLUS instead of the printer. Faximum then asks me for the designation or destinations, which I pick from a scroll list, and whoosh...out it goes, custom cover sheet and all, through my Everex FAX modem. The best part of this is that my time is cut in half, the quality of the sent FAX is strikingly beautiful, and the process all occurs in background, while I continue with my other work.

The real power of Faximum is in the options that it gives you to work with, most of which cannot be found in even the most expensive Table FAX machines on the market.

Faximum's user interface is of the pull-down menu variety, making it very easy to understand. Menus are simple and the system is easy to use, even for first time novices.

I was pleased to see the installation script was well written and bulletproof. Faximum's technical support staff was very responsive to my questions...

In looking at FAX software, I have found Faximum to be most complete and comprehensive. This great product is well worth the investment and...will more than pay for itself in no time at all."
Quotations from Faximum by David K. Van Allen, published in The Guru, V2N8, May 25, 1992, pp.49-51.



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