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Faximum Announces Client/Server 3.0 with Internet Fax

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - March 3, 1998 - At CT Expo, FaximumŽ Software Inc. today announced Faximum Client/Server 3.0, its next generation fax server software package. This package adds substantial cost-saving features to reduce or eliminate long distance phone charges and to automate the routing of received faxes without manual routing's costs and loss of privacy.

Faximum Software is proud to be SCO's fax software partner in their booth (#700) at CT Expo'98 where this software is being demonstrated for the first time.

Faximum Client/Server has been recognised since its first release as one of the most technically sophisticated and feature-rich network fax server packages. The server component runs on UNIX while clients are available for both UNIX and Microsoft Windows as well as for Network Computers and web browsers in general. It is the only fax server package to have been OEMed by any major UNIX vendor and an earlier version has been licensed and resold by both Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems.

Faximum Client/Server 3.0 incorporates many features not found on other comparable packages. Some of the new features include:

  1. Internet faxing with least-cost routing
  2. Dialogic/GammaLink fax board support
  3. ISDN inbound fax routing
  4. Advanced fax compression algorithms

Faximum Client/Server will ship within 60 days with servers for SCO OpenServer 5 and SCO UnixWare 7 and clients for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT. Ports to other server operating systems will be announced in the second quarter of 1998. The software starts at $1,695 for a single fax line server and two floating-user client licences. Introductory upgrade pricing for existing customers will start at $395.

1. Internet Faxing with Least-Cost Routing

Internet fax is the ability to bypass the long distance phone network thus avoiding long distance phone charges.

Unlike products that use proprietary protocols, Faximum Client/Server adheres to the recently approved standards for Internet Fax. This means that customers can be assured that Faximum Client/Server will be compatible with the widest range of Internet Fax machines and Internet Fax servers now and in the future.

Faximum Client/Server can deliver faxes directly to Internet fax machines such as the Panasonic UF-770i over the Internet as well as to legacy fax machines connected to the phone system.

2. Dialogic GammaFax Support

Dialogic GammaFax boards are considered to be among the most reliable and compatible fax boards available.

When compared with the commodity Class 2 and 2.0 fax modems used by some other products, Dialogic/GammaFax products deliver higher throughput, fewer compatibility failures, and lower phone bills.

Studies by Dialogic show that even with modest usage the savings in phone costs can amount to $2,000 per year.

"We are pleased to welcome Faximum Software to the growing ranks of ISVs that support our telephony products," said John Taylor, General Manager, Dialogic Corporation. "Support for SCO operating systems is important to Dialogic and with this announcement from Faximum, Dialogic can provide the intelligent fax solution for Faximum's winning UNIX-based fax products."

3. ISDN Inbound Fax Routing

Faximum Software has added the capability to automatically route incoming faxes to the desktop using ISDN technology instead of the more costly DID mechanism used by other products. The details of this important new significant feature are the subject of another press release.

4. Advanced Compression Algorithms

Faximum Client/Server now supports T.4, T.4 2-D, and T.6 image compression algorithms, permitting the widest compatibility with fax image files. These advanced algorithms also minimise the disk space needed for storing received faxes since Faximum Client/Server 3.0 can be configured to recompress received faxes using T.6 compression even when the received fax is in T.4 format. This will further reduce the costs of fax server operations.

Faximum Software, Inc. is located at 1497 Marine Drive, Suite 300, West Vancouver, BC Canada, V7T 1A6. Phone (604) 925-3600, Fax: (604) 926-8182. Email: info@Faximum.com, Web: http://www.faximum.com/

Faximum Software's products are available direct from Faximum or through distributors/resellers in over twenty countries.



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