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Faximum ELS/PLUS Reference Manual

for SCO OpenServer 5 - Release 2.1 - HTML Edition - Draft 1

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Greetings from Faximum Software. We are honored that you have chosen our software package to send and receive faxes from your UNIX system. You will quickly learn how easy Faximum is to use and how flexible and powerful it can be.

If you are looking for guidance on how to install the software or information on how to obtain support, please refer to the Installation Guide and Release Notes first.

How to Use This Manual

This manual contains the detailed information on how the Faximum software operates. It is organised for reference use and the material appears in the same sequence as the menus on the Faximum user interface.

The first chapter contains information on how to start the software, how to exit the software, and how to access help. It also describes the menu system generally.

The second chapter describes each of the databases used by Faximum.

The third and subsequent chapters describe each of the seven pull-down menus.

Conventions Used in this Manual

This manual describes both Faximum ELS and Faximum PLUS. Faximum PLUS contains everything supported by Faximum ELS as well as many additional features. In this manual those features that are available only with Faximum PLUS are marked with a bar in the left margin.

In this manual:

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